Georges & Joseph Najjar

Identical twins, hence the company title twins production, born on April 23rd 1981, they both discovered their love for filming on a very young age.

At the age of 15, the twins were both integrated in the wold of filming, as jimmyjib assistants and editing for minor projects; 3 years later Georges & Joseph became professional Jimmyjib Jib Operators. Now After 10 years,

Joseph and Georges Najjar became 2 of the top Jimmyjib Operators in lebanon, with an experience under their belt including some of the best TV channels in the Arab wolrd, the likes of MBC, Arabiyah, Jazerra, Orbit and many more.

Because Joseph And Georges are always looking to evolve, they embarked a new journey in 2005, the steadicam, which they now add to their equipments rental and operating in different events, just like the Jimmyjib, from fashion shows to video clips, as well as TV shows and weddings.

To Keep up with the fast pace of the digital world, the twins attend seminars all over the world every year with the focus on bringing and adapting everything new and special in the world of filming.

Twins Production stared in 2005 , Georges an MBA in management bachelor , from sagesse university, caters for all the logistics and finance and Joseph who graduated in electronics, overlooks all the material and stock.
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Bela Vista Bld . Kennedy Str . Jisr El Bacha . Beirut . Lebanon.
Office : +961 1 500026 - Fax: +961 1 500026 -Tel: +961 70 500025 / + 961 70 500026
TV Production

There is no such thing as darkness , it is just the absence of light.

Twins Production light your Darekness.
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Everything comes in DOUBLE
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